Heartland Promo Closet

What if you never had to:
· Manage your product inventory closet
· Send product orders out to affiliates or clients
· Track your product inventory
· Stop what you're doing to re-order products

What if all of this was done for you?
Everyone is trying to do more with less resources. Heartland Promo Closet lets you do more while using our resources.

· Store your Inventory with Heartland
· Website provided for company orders
· Inventory always visible
· Allows client to order in bulk
· Remote order fulfilled by Heartland
· Preset inventory limits to initiate re-order
· Optional departmental chargeback
· Optional password protected site

· Free up your staff
· Free up your space
· Outsource jobs that really aren't defined
· Convenience for remote offices
· Quick fulfillment
· Avoid “running out” of product
· Save by making volume purchases
· Provides for easy accounting






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